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For many, the American Dream is starting a business or living the good life. However, for Yamie Chess, the goal has always been educational guidance with creativity and fun. Written by math teachers and inspired by comics, the Yamie Chess book series speak for themselves. Yamie is an acronym for:

Y – Young Minds
A – Algebra
M– Measurement
I – IQ
E – Easing Geometry

Launched just last year at the American International Toy Fair in NYC, the Yamie Chess story is one that continues to surprise parents and their kids. The focus of Yamie Chess is in exploring math and teaching important concepts in geometry, algebra, measurements, and mathematical logic in the form of classic chess. If you have a child that finds math difficult to learn, Yamie Chess may just help set a strong foundation.

Easy Learning in a Fun & Interactive Way

Yamie Chess provides engaging ebooks, assessments, and math materials for K-8 students. The idea behind A Tale of Sleepy Numbersthis innovative learning experience is to improve logical reasoning and performance in math through chess. The books feature puzzles, games, quizzes, and mind teasers that entice children to get to the bottom of the problem.

Recommended by the School Library Journal Best Education Pick, each ebook is available in Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, and other platforms. Parents and teachers in elementary and middle school can make use of the ebooks to help children build a strong foundation of math.

The lovable characters, storyline associated with math, and engaging experience is a highlight of each and every ebook. The Adventures of Tigermore & The Mind Angels is one of their bestsellers and is available to download for just $8.99!

All For a Greater Cause

Yamie Chess is an interactive series of math comics that were cartoon characters represent classic chess pieces. Written and inspired by teachers from some of the most respected educational institutions in America, Yamie Chess is won the Seal of Approval at The National Parenting Center.

The chess games are developed by none other than International Master Jeremy Silman and 2-time American Women’s chess champion Jennifer Shahade. Kids between 5 years and 12 years of age can truly benefit from the learning experience, as the ebooks explore chess and math in a similar manner as a toddler learns language syntax.

As of 2015, Yamie Chess Ltd. Has donated more than $230,000 worth of math sets and learning materials to Boys and Girls Club of America, Toy Industry Foundation, Kids In Need Foundation, and U.S. military families.


Yamie Chess is a magical journey about a genius boy from New York who improves his cognitive abilities with each puzzle he completes. Aligned with state and national school standards, Yamie Chess is easily one of the most resourceful bookstores for children at all levels of math ability.

Highly rated by educators from Harvard, Yale, and University of Chicago, Yamie Chess leverages brings a dynamic learning experience that encourages your child to develop a comprehensive understanding of math!



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